Sea of Memory (2019)

Still image from "Sea of Memory"

Click to view (webcam access required)

Sea of Memory is a real-time interactive artwork. The artwork uses a webcam to analyse what is in front of it, then displays its top three guesses on the screen. Over time , this creates an image and a memory of what the artwork has seen (or thinks it has seen), creating a memory unique to the artwork and its interactions. When the artwork is confident it recognises something before it, it displays the text in a bright white, confidently illuminating the screen. However, when the artwork is less confident, its responses are dark and illegible, and slowly erase the image of memory that has already been built up.

Sea of Memory uses machine learning in order to analyse and recognise what it sees. The artwork thrives not on accurately predicting what is front of it, but building connections out of its constant guessing, allowing the viewer/user to think about how the artwork arrived at its guesses, and to explore its limitations.