Main characters

NOTE: Profiles may contain spoilers up to the latest point in the comic.

Alexander “Alex” Warren

Alex is a typical fifteen year old boy. He is however, rather shy and awkward, and often finds himself overlooked or ignored because he is comfortable not being the centre of attention. The only person he really opens up to is his best friend Brad, who is his complete opposite. Despite Alex’s withdrawn nature, he is also a quietly determined individual who will relentlessly pursue what is important to him, or if he believes something to be right despite everybody telling him otherwise.

Alex wields a sealers sword, but given that he’s never used a sword in his life before, he needs a bit of practice before he gets used to it…

Bradley “Brad” Hawkins

Brad has all the traits of a natural born leader: he is impulsive, hot-headed, and always doing things without thinking about the consequences…actually he usually just leaves the thinking to someone else entirely.

Brad is a sports fanatic, and captains the high school basketball team. Despite this, he doesn’t fit in very well with the popular kids, instead choosing to hang out with his classmates Alex and Ted, who definitely aren’t very high on the high school social order.

Brad doesn’t have a Sealers item, but takes it upon himself to be the leader of the group: using his sports expertise to help everyone else co-ordinate and work together (unless it’s Sam…or Jet…or anyone else he feels like arguing with on any given day)

Terrence “Ted” Sharring

Ted is a friend of Alex and Brad’s, and the first person you go to when you need help with your science homework. Generally putting the rest of the school to shame in terms of test results, Ted is not only smart, but also keeps physically fit, which comes from the combination of his scientist Dad and his athlete Mum.

Following the events at the museum, Ted got a sealers ring, which can amplify forces from his body and letting him deliver powerful punches.

Samantha “Sam” Lawson

Aspiring socialite and perpetual gossip, Sam surrounds herself with the popular kids in school, doing whatever is necessary to fit in…so naturally she wouldn’t dream of being seen with Alex, Brad and the others. Even though she is a firm believer in the high school social system of popularity, she is also not afraid to confront people and put them in their place if they tread on her toes.

Also likes hats and the colour purple.

Sam received a sealers item in the form of a bracelet following the events at the museum, although it is not known what it does, and neither does it seem Sam cares…

Kelly Nelson

Kelly is a bit of an oddball. I mean, most of the characters on this page are oddballs, but Kelly is something else entirely. The things she says and the way she responds to situations is very difficult to make sense of. Nevertheless, her out-of-the-box thinking can be useful. She also worries a lot about minor inconveniences, and often forgets she has to live in the real world, which she seems profoundly terrified of.

Kelly uses a Sealers shield; which raises a barrier around her to protect her (and others around her) from harm as long as she can maintain it.

Jedediah “Jet” Black

An all-round nasty piece of work, Jet (he doesn’t like people calling him by his real name) is selfish, obstructive, and constantly belittling everyone around him. He seems to consider everyone as beneath him, and very little regard for anyone else’s wellbeing. I’m sure he’ll be a joy to get to know…

Jet seems to be able to use some strange magic power…is it sealers magic, or something else entirely?


Ryan Larbourne

CEO of the Larbourne Corporation: The most powerful business in Cross City, and the city’s most “generous” benefactor. Ryan Larbourne (usually just called Larbourne) is a powerful businessman who has almost the entire city in his thrall. While he usually like to exert his influence ruthlessly behind the scenes, he has recently taken an interest in investigating sealers items. Just how much does he know?


Larbourne’s second-in-command, and probably the closest thing they both have to a friend (although they would probably never use that term). Ivan is knowledgeable about the sealers, and helps Larbourne in deciphering the Sealers mystery. He also has his eyes on becoming the head of the Cross city Museum, but Larbourne is taking his time making that happen…

Mr. Vann

A hitman hired by Ryan Larbourne to steal Sealers artifacts from the museum. After failing to do that and also being outwitted by a group of teenagers, you might be led to the conclusion that he just isn’t good at his job.

It probably doesn’t matter now anyway…he was thrown off the museum roof by Edimos’ magic and hasn’t been seen or heard form since.


Victoria “Vicky” Carnell

Vicky is a fairly normal, unassuming teenage girl, and Kelly’s best friend. She doesn’t much care for getting in trouble, and is often found being the voice of reason with her friend Kelly, or quelling her warring brothers and sister. Although she is a bit of a problem solver when it comes to other people, she is very indecisive when it comes to herself.


“Edimos” (real name Edward Moss?) was the curator for the Cross City Museum exhibit on the Sealers, which seems to have been staged in order for him to find those who were capable of wielding the Sealers items. He didn’t reveal much about himself, but he seems to have his own agenda and role to play. The question is: will he be a help or a hindrance?

Edimos’ whereabouts are currently unknown after disappearing from the museum, and saving the group from a hitman…