W.I.S.P.A. (Worldwide Independent Spies and Professional Agents) is an ongoing webcomic that centres around the work of a secret agency that handles all the missions and operations that other organisations can’t or don’t want to. It is a mixture of humour, action and drama with an overarching story centred on the six primary characters: Agents Slick, Trent, Becki, Hotshot, Strafe and Tracker.

Background and History

W.I.S.P.A. as a comic is something that I first came up with when I was around thirteen. The core of the story and the characters hasn’t really changed much since then. Over the years I have developed new characters and plots, but nothing that drastically altered what you see now.

In 2004 I launched W.I.S.P.A. as an online webcomic along with two others, all lasting around 100 pages until 2007. I returned to W.I.S.P.A. in 2011 and remade the first twenty-five strips until I took another break in 2012. Those strips form part of this current run, which is why they look rather different from the more current artwork.

When does the comic update?

I currently aim to update W.I.S.P.A. on a weekly basis, along with my other webcomic Sealers Stories.

Can I support the comic?

You can! By supporting me on Patreon, you can not only get early access to comics, special commentary and bonus artwork, you will also allow me to cut back on other work to focus on my comics, which means more updates!

Are your two comics connected?

The two comics are independent in terms of story and characters, meaning you can read one without missing out on anything. However there may be some minor overlapping elements at a distant point in the future…