Note that profiles may contain spoilers.

Main characters

Codename: Slick

Full name: James Alexander Dawnton

Expertise: point-man & urban warfare

With his shades, spiky hair, and outdated lingo, Slick might have passed for “cool” in the 90’s, but definitely not now. A relatively new recruit to W.I.S.P.A., he has some way to go before he learns the discipline and rigour required to be a full agent.

Slick’s speciality is as a point-man in urban scenarios. His unconventional thinking and experience growing up in a deprived estate means he has learned how to navigate the tough streets of London.

Codename: N/A

Full name: Trent Connor Stykes

Expertise: All-star agent

Special Agent Trent Stykes is the top agent at W.I.S.P.A.’s London branch and a bit of a myth in the espionage world. His skills in all areas are unmatched, and is unlikely to be surpassed any time soon. However, he does not work well with others, and his grumpy temperament has left him isolated (which he is quite happy about).

Codename: “Driver”

Full name: Rebecca “Becki” Katherine Gallahford

Expertise: Driving and piloting, vehicular maintenance

Becki is the agency’s vehicle expert: if you can drive or pilot it, Becki is qualified to do so. Despite being very skilled at her job, she does have a short temper that can impair her judgement.

Oh, and don’t call her Agent “Driver”, she isn’t impressed with whoever thought of that codename.

Codename: Hotshot

Full name: Lucas Scott Tovart

Expertise: Ballistics and demolition

Hotshot is a weapons expert, and for him, the bigger the gun the better. He may come across as a loose cannon sometimes, but his knowledge of all things firearms means he knows how to handle them safely…or blow things up without making too much of a mess.

Codename: Strafe

Full name: Jon Richard Aristone

Expertise: Stealth and infiltration

Agent Strafe is at his best in silent operations: he is sneaky and discreet, and can get in and out without anyone knowing he was there.

He is a bit of an oddball (even by the standard of the other characters on this page), but he is generally a well-intentioned and easygoing agent that understands the importance of patience and timing.

Codename: Tracker

Full name: David Andrew Ivorson

Expertise: Digital systems and cybercrime

Agent Tracker is the resident computer expert: hacking, systems infiltration and maintenance all fall under his remit. After being a leading investigator for the police’s cybercrime’s division, he now deals with the more unusual cases that W.I.S.P.A. has to deal with, alongside fixing the computers of a mostly technologically-inept agency…

Name: Robert Gellista

Expertise: Chief of W.I.S.P.A. agency branch, London

Chief Gellista is the head of the London headquarters of W.I.S.P.A.. Although often buried in bureaucracy or playing peacemaker between the numerous secret service organisations in the city, he always takes time to look after his agents, and constantly tries to bring out the best in them. Like his agents, he is a bit odd, so at least they all have something in common.